Node-RED on Raspian Jessie

We’re excited to announce that as of the November 2015 release of Raspbian Jessie, Node-RED now comes pre-installed on the image you can download from Raspberry Pi directly. It is also available in the Rasbian Jessie APT repositories, so if you’re already running an older Jessie image, you are just an apt-get install nodered away.

We’re big fans of the Raspberry Pi and have been since the very early days of Node-RED. There is an ever growing collection of nodes available for various Pi accessories and we’re always excited to what gets created in the community.

We’ve always looked for ways to help improve the getting started experience of Node-RED and wanted to make it as accessible as possible to as wide an audience as we can. Having it pre-installed on the Pi, alongside other wonderful tools like Scratch, is a great step forward.

For more information check out our updated Raspberry Pi documentation and get in touch on the mailing list or twitter if you have any questions.